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These Are 7 Different Ways To Fund A Flip

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These Are 7 Different Ways To Fund A Flip

These Are 7 Different Ways To Fund A Flip

You’re probably thinking about getting profits or diversifying your real estate portfolio and you thought of flipping a property. To flip, you will need funds to get started. The most common way to fund a flip is to use your own personal money or get a hard loan. Both methods are popular among investors and you should consider them once you know more about finding funds. In addition, by knowing the different ways to fund a flip, you get to mix and match these methods if necessary. Stick around and find out the different ways to fund a flip.

Your Personal Cash

Again, this is one of the most common ways for you to fund a flip. You may use your savings or perhaps your liquid assets to purchase and renovate the property you desire. The main thing you get from using this method is you won’t have debts.

Get a Hard Money Loan

If you are looking for quick funds, consider getting a hard money loan. They are typically offered by lending companies or private investors and are secured by the flipped property. This high-interest loan is popular for investment properties that require deep repairs and renovation.

Go for a Conventional Mortgage Loan

When it comes to a conventional mortgage loan, it’s the best option if you are looking for a low-interest loan. Additionally, it has a fixed repayment system which ensures predictability and stability on your end. It also has better terms for investments you plan to have for a long time.

Consider a Home Equity Line of Credit

Shortened as HELOC, it’s a type of loan where you can borrow against the equity that accumulated in your home. The equity in homes is determined by subtracting the outstanding mortgage balance from the home’s current market value. Additionally, HELOCs have low-interest rates and favorable terms depending on your income and credit score.

Hold a Crowdfunding

This method works best if you know have a network with a large number of people who are interested in raising funds. Crowdfunding is basically where you get a small amount of money from numerous people to fund your flip.

Find a Partner

If you know someone who is just as interested as you to flip a property, then have a joint venture. This is when you and someone agree to pool your resources and expertise to fund a flip. You can also find more partners if you desire. With this method, you get to share your capital and rewards.

Apply for Government Grants

If you can sway the government to fund your flip, this is your best bet. Usually, government grants provide funds for specific projects to promote economic development and revitalization of a place. With this, you do not need any repay the government which also increases your exposure.


Regardless of which method you choose to fund a flip, you must also take into consideration other things such as your investment goals. You need to ensure that the investment fits your strategy especially when it comes to risks. Some of these methods have their regulations and standards so it’s best for you to learn more about them. Curious to know the next steps on funding a flip? Connect with expert specialists and contact us at Real Equity Acquisitions now.

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