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The Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Wholesaling

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The Pros And Cons Of Real Estate Wholesaling

Everything in this world has its own pros and cons. Real estate wholesaling is no different. There is an upside and a downside.

In addition to the manner in which to buy and sell real estate, real estate wholesaling is investing in a specialized form. You need to do more than just locate great home deals and then, for a satisfactory profit, go ahead and flip them. The people you deal with need to be motivated sellers. You don’t want them to refuse your offer.

The following will take a closer look at the pros and cons of wholesaling, how it works, and what it is.

Real Estate Wholesaling – What Is It?

There are TV programs that you or your significant other have watched which involve house flipping. That’s part of the equation here. A wholesaler finds someone who wants to sell their property very urgently. For the lowest price possible, the wholesaler acquires the property specifically to sell to an investor. Obviously, a profit will be enjoyed by the wholesaler, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the business. The person who purchases the property then decides what to do with it. Frequently this entails making needed repairs, updates, etc., in order to flip the property. They may, however, fix it up and turn it into a rental. It’s their property. It’s up to them.

Wholesaling – The Downside

The following are considered cons of wholesaling:

  • Motivated sellers are an absolute necessity. The low offer you make must be accepted.
  • The buyers you introduce the property to must be motivated and willing to invest.
  • An in-depth knowledge of financing is something a wholesaler should truly possess. Without it, you may have a harder time succeeding.

Wholesaling – The Upside

There and numerous pros to wholesaling, however:

  • To get started in wholesaling, you don’t need huge amounts of cash. In some cases, $2000 or more has been enough for a reasonable real estate wholesale career to begin.
  • You can make big profits and smart deals if you’ve got the grit!
  • At a discount, you’re contracting to purchase the home of someone who desperately wants to sell. What you are NOT doing is taking the title. You don’t have to remodel the property, you don’t have to rebuild it, you don’t have to update it. You’re selling it to someone who will likely take the responsibility for doing all of that before they flip the property.

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