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Statistics And Facts You Should Know About FSBO Vs. Realtor

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Statistics And Facts You Should Know About FSBO Vs. Realtor

Statistics And Facts You Should Know About FSBO Vs. Realtor

We live in a world where facts and statistics are constantly thrown at us. We’re inundated with data, so it’s essential to know which ones matter and which don’t. With real estate trends evolving daily, you need to know what’s happening in the industry to make the most informed decisions possible. This blog post will give you some insight into FSBO vs. Realtor statistics so you can make an informed decision about selling or buying property!

Real Estate Agents Sell Homes Faster

Real estate agents have more experience, contacts, and resources than FSBOs. A real estate agent in the same market has a network of contacts to draw upon and often owns their marketing tools, such as websites or databases of potential homebuyers. Most importantly, they have motivation: An agent is paid when a sale occurs, so there’s an incentive for them to act quickly on a property – whether an FSBO lists it or not!

Real Estate Agents Sell Homes For More Money

Real estate agents know how to market a house for more money because of their access to information. For example, real estate agents can access listings and pricing data (this can be accessed through MLS). This means that they know what similar homes in the neighborhood are selling for and can price your home accordingly. They also know how many other houses are listed, so they can help you decide if your price is too high or low.

Realtors also know how to get buyers interested in your listing by using proven methods like open houses or flyers in the mailboxes near your home. They’re experienced with this kind of marketing and will likely do a better job than you at it, even if they don’t have any experience buying or selling real estate themselves!

FSBOs Don’t Know How To Market A Home Well

The biggest reason that FSBOs don’t sell their homes is that they must learn how to market them. It may be easy for some people to post a listing on Craigslist or put up a sign in their front yard, but hiring an experienced real estate agent is more effective. Real estate agents have access to better tools and more resources than FSBOs, so they can do a much better job of getting your home in front of potential buyers.

FSBOs Usually End Up Listing With An Agent Anyway

Most FSBOs end up listing with an agent anyway because they need to learn how to price their homes or market them well.

If you’re selling your home without an agent, you must know how much the property is worth before putting it on the market. If you price too low, you won’t get as many offers or as much money from buyers; conversely, if you price too high and a buyer decides not to make an offer—or doesn’t offer enough—you’ll have wasted time and effort trying to sell the house yourself. This can be especially frustrating since agents are paid by commission (typically 6% of the sales price). If they don’t sell your home for less than what they were initially expecting for it, then why would they bother helping?

Their commission rates vary depending on their listing type and who they represent, but it’s typically between 3% and 6%. If you’re selling your home FSBO, you will have to pay all costs associated with selling your home yourself—including taxes and closing costs—so there is no need for an agent or broker fee at closing time.


As you can see, FSBO vs. Realtor is a challenging decision to make. It’s important to weigh all of your options and decide what’s best for you and your budget before making a final call on the situation.

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