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How it works

Connect with trusted, investor friendly specialists

  • Get In Touch With Us

    Fill out our contact form with your contact information and one of our Real Equity Acquisitions specialists will contact you within a few minutes to no more than 24 hours.

  • Meet With One Of Our Investment Specialists

    This is a crucial part of the process. During the meeting we will discuss what types of properties you are interested in, the markets you want to buy in, and your goals. Understanding your requirements will allow us to pinpoint the exact properties you are looking for.

  • Receive Property Alert

    Leave the legwork to us. Our specialists work hard to ensure we deliver equity-rich, off-market properties directly to your inbox.

  • Review The Deal

    Take a look at the opportunity and determine if it meets your investment goals.

  • Sign Contract

    Once you’ve decided to move forward, we’ll sign the contract and get closing scheduled.

  • Closing

    The title company makes sure the closing docs are prepared correctly and the closing is hassle-free.

  • After Closing

    Regardless of your exit strategy, we want to stay in touch to follow your progress and start working on your next success!