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A Checklist Of Documents Needed For Selling A House By Owner

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A Checklist Of Documents Needed For Selling A House By Owner

A Checklist Of Documents Needed For Selling A House By Owner

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you first need to decide whether to list it with a real estate agent or sell it on your own. This decision is about what kind of seller you are and how confident you feel in navigating through the process. For most people, selling a house by owner can be a perfectly viable option — but only if you know what to expect and have all the necessary documents in order before starting. Here’s a checklist of the documents for selling a house you’ll need to have on hand before contacting an agent or attempting to sell your home yourself:

Back Tax Bill

A tax bill is required for the buyer to perform a title search and verify that there are no liens or judgments against your home.

The following information should be included on the back of your tax bill:

  • The current year and all years in question must be listed on the document.
  • It should be for the entire property, not just part (if you have a mortgage).
  • It should reflect what you owe, not what’s due in taxes this year, plus whatever has been accrued since then.

Property Deed

A property deed is a legal document that proves ownership of real estate. Property deeds can be used to transfer property from one owner to another. They often contain important information about the house, such as its identification number, address, current owner, and other details.

Property deeds are usually transferred through a notary public or lawyer during the sale process, but you may be able to obtain one yourself if you sell your home on your own.


A survey is a map that shows the boundaries of your property. A surveyor will draw a diagram of your land, showing its size and location in relation to other properties. You can use a survey to show the dimensions and boundaries of your property and its place in relation to other structures or neighbors’ houses.

A survey helps potential buyers determine whether they want to buy your house because it meets their needs. If you decide not to sell your house by owner, but instead list it with an agent, the buyer may ask for a copy of the final title report so they can use it when negotiating the price with the seller’s real estate agent.

Past Sales History

A past sales history is an important document to have when selling your home. This shows that the value you have assigned to your house is in line with what other similar houses in the area have sold for recently. You can obtain this information from public records or by using a real estate professional to help you find it.

Utility Bills

Utility bills are very important. They are a good way to verify the occupancy of the home, and they can also be used to verify the age of your property. Utility bills will show how long you have been living in your house and where you used to live before moving there.

History Of Maintenance Records

Consider providing the buyer with a copy of your maintenance records. This can be particularly useful if you’ve had any major repairs done or replaced appliances, as it shows that you have been proactive in keeping the home well-maintained. However, this should only be included if you have a recent copy of your home warranty, as it could lead to clarity and suspicion.

Homeowners Insurance Information

Homeowners insurance is not required for the sale of your home. However, getting homeowners insurance can be a good idea if you want to protect your property and belongings from damage.

Homeowners insurance covers the cost of fixing or replacing your home in case of fire, wind, rain, or other natural disasters. It also covers the cost of replacing lost belongings if stolen or damaged by theft, fire, flooding, and other events considered “acts of God.”


These documents are a great place to start if you’re ready to sell your house by owner. A real estate agent can be helpful with the process, but they aren’t required. You can do it yourself!

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