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6 Best Ways To Find Duplexes For Sale To Invest In

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6 Best Ways To Find Duplexes For Sale To Invest In

6 Best Ways To Find Duplexes For Sale To Invest In

You’re probably familiar with the term “triplex,” a three-story apartment building with three units. But did you know about duplexes? A duplex is a two-unit apartment building that shares a wall with another duplex on either side (hence the name).

Duplexes are great investments because they’re relatively easy to build and manage and can be rented out for more income than other types of residential property. Plus, if you buy them at the right price, they can appreciate over time while still providing an excellent return on your initial investment. Here are our top tips to help you find duplexes for sale:

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents can be helpful in finding duplexes for sale. They know the area, and they can help you find the best deals. Additionally, you may not have access to many listings that are not online or published in local newspapers. Real estate agents can help you locate these properties, which will give you an advantage over other investors looking to buy duplexes in your area!


Wholesalers are middlemen who buy properties at a discount and then sell them at a profit. Some wholesalers only purchase homes that are listed for sale, but others will also buy houses from the homeowner if they can get the home for a good price.

Wholesalers may be able to tell you about properties that aren’t listed yet or provide insights on what types of properties are selling well in your area.


Using a real estate search engine is the easiest way to start looking for duplexes for sale in your area. This method allows you to enter your location, price range, and property type into the search field and then narrow down results based on other criteria, such as a number of bedrooms or bathrooms. You can also use a property search engine, which will allow you to enter more detailed information about what kind of duplexes you’re looking for (i.e., 2 car garage). You can also perform an online auction site search or use an online rental site like Airbnb or VRBO along with listing sites like Zillow or Trulia—or go directly through their mobile apps! Just remember: don’t forget about foreclosure listings!

FSBOs And Signs

FSBOs are for sale by the owner, and the sign is an advertisement of the property being sold. You can find these two options on the internet or in your local area. To find out what you are looking for, go to a site like www.zillow.com and search for duplexes for sale near me. This will show all properties within 25 miles of where you live that have been listed as FSBOs or have signs posted on them advertising their availability for purchase without a real estate agent involved in the transaction (or any commission).

Auction Houses

Auction houses are a great place to find duplexes for sale. Many auction houses sell foreclosed properties, bank-owned properties, and more. When you go to an auction house, many different types of properties are usually available for sale. You can find duplexes at auction houses and other types of residential property. Some people even buy commercial buildings at auctions.

Depending on which company you use, these auctions take place in person or online. The best way to find out where they are being held is by searching online or looking through your local newspaper listings under “auctions” or “real estate sales.”

Legal Ads And Bankruptcy Filings

One of the best places to find duplexes for sale is through legal ads, including bankruptcy filings. Most real estate investors use this method because it’s one of the most reliable ways to find great deals on properties. You can check out bankruptcies at your local courthouse, but you can also check them out online. If you need access to a computer or are worried about how long it takes to look through all these listings yourself, consider hiring an attorney specializing in real estate investing who will spend some time going through them on your behalf.


This article lists some of the best ways to find duplexes for sale. Hopefully, you have found this information helpful and can use it to find your next investment property. Remember that there are many places online and locally to check out before deciding on what type of property you want.

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