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3 Best Ways For Locating Good Wholesale Properties

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3 Best Ways For Locating Good Wholesale Properties

3 Best Ways For Locating Good Wholesale Properties

The success and potential profitability of real estate wholesaling as an investment strategy are attested to by the practice’s popularity. Although knowing the ins and outs of a real estate wholesale transaction is crucial, you won’t be able to put your understanding to use as an investing strategy until you actually have a property to wholesale. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, an experienced investor, or a wholesaler with years of experience, this guide will help you understand what wholesale properties are and where to find them. Okay, let’s jump right in.

Tips Where to Look for Wholesale Real Estate


A real estate auction is a public property sale by a seller (the owner, a lender, a government agency, a homebuilder, etc.). Investment property sold at auction is typically rundown, cheap, and in disrepair, making it a fantastic buy for real estate wholesalers. Prices at auctions usually begin at a level that covers the outstanding sum of the defaulted loan, but the ultimate sale price generally rises above the initial offer. Prepare yourself thoroughly, and you won’t have to worry about rushing into a wholesale deal that your better judgment would have told you to pass on. Most successful auction bids must be paid for immediately in cash.

Local Advertising

Local advertising is a fantastic approach to get started and building a list of properties for use in future or present wholesale real estate market transactions. Off-market properties can benefit from low-cost advertising solutions that attract homeowners and sellers. There are a variety of low-cost marketing strategies that can be implemented, from airtime on local television to impromptu bandit signs. Purchase your bandit signs in bulk and save money. Some of the more common methods of locating wholesale properties may be less efficient than just placing a sign at the relevant intersection. Door hangers and magnetic car signs are two other choices.  Keep in mind, though, that the placing of the message is what makes a bandit sign effective.

Try A Pre-Foreclosure Search

A residence is considered in pre-foreclosure status if the ultimate foreclosure action has not yet taken place. The clock starts ticking when the lender files the lis pendens (for a judicial foreclosure) or the notice of default (for nonjudicial foreclosure).  Similarly, real estate transactions that meet this criterion may qualify as short sales. It’s important to remember that homeowners who wish to preserve any remaining equity won’t have a lot of time to do so during this period. This is why homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure are eager to close a deal as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts On Finding Wholesale Properties

Locating appropriate properties is vital to successfully complete a real estate wholesale deal. If another wholesaler is waiting in the wings for a property that fulfills your investment objectives, you had better be ready to act fast.

These are some of the advantages of wholesale:

  • The majority of the country’s markets have real estate available for purchase.
  • Shorter investing periods carry less peril.
  • There is no need for financing in order to finalize the business through an assignment of contract.

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