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14 Reasons To Start A Real Estate Wholesaling Business

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14 Reasons To Start A Real Estate Wholesaling Business

Though there are numerous investing strategies in the world today, and many of them in real estate, specifically, real estate wholesaling is comparatively easier than most. When you’re wholesaling real estate at discounted prices, you’re acquiring properties. Then, for a profit, you “resell” them.

With the property seller, a contract is entered into with a wholesaler. To potential buyers, the wholesaler markets the property. To the most appropriate buyer, the contract is then assigned. The difference between the contract price and the price paid by the buyer is the wholesaler’s profit, or their fee. The trick of the game is for the wholesaler to discover either a property that is in disrepair, a seller who is exceptionally eager to sell, or both.

There are a number of benefits for those who become real estate wholesalers. Here are some of them.

You Don’t Do Any Repairs

No matter what shape the property is in, you are not responsible nor are you expected to initiate any repairs. Repairs, updates, etc., are up to the buyer.

The Risk Is Minimal

So minimal is the risk that, according to some, it’s actually closer to zero. After all, you’re not spending any money. Let it be said, however, that nothing is risk-free, 100%.

There Is a Potential for Volume

You may decide to wholesale one property, two properties, or a handful of them at the same time. Or you can handle just one. It’s up to you.

Membership Charges Don’t Exist

No association needs to be joined in order to be a wholesaler. Association member fees, however, have to be paid by realtors.

Properties Don’t Need to Be Listed

Because direct contract assignment is involved in this business, the public doesn’t have to have access to the property, nor does it need to be listed. Everything happens between a buyer, the wholesaler, and a motivated seller.

On Your Investment, There’s a High Return

A property can be marked up by a wholesaler by 1%, 10%, 50%, or what have you. Every month, the wholesaler can contract multiple properties at one time. Some wholesalers use their own cash. However, your ROI is practically infinite if you don’t use your own cash.

Great Pay

The amount charged by investors, the type of property, and more go into a real estate wholesaler’s exact earnings. The income is typically larger, however, compared to collecting rent checks and/or property management fees.

High Demand

Security is provided by high demand. Wholesalers are depended on by owners of distressed properties, buyers, the government, banks, and investors.

The Experience You Will Get Is Invaluable

If you’re planning on delving deeper into the industry of real estate, the experience you will acquire as a wholesaler will prove invaluable. The art of negotiation, deal closing, and more will be developed over time.

You Can Do It from Anywhere

From anywhere in the world, you can wholesale deals for real estate. To see the deal through, pretty much all you need is a phone and a laptop.

No Credit or Cash Required

If you have no credit or bad credit, wholesaling real estate still offers benefits. Remember, you’re not buying properties. You’re just the go-between between the buyers and the sellers.

Quick Cash/Quick Results

In most cases, after the deal is done, you can get paid within days – sometimes less.

Easy to Learn

The basics of wholesaling real estate can be learned easily through a little bit of research. That includes what to avoid and deals to consider. A little knowledge and some good guidance can help you advance quickly.

Good for the Beginner

This is a beginner’s game because it’s easy to learn, for one thing. Granted, as a beginner you may not be making the kind of money you’ll make down the line, but everybody has to start somewhere. This is a good place to start.

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